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  • Why is Birchsorb better than an electric heater?

    An electric heater might seem like the most obvious choice for tackling moisture in your motorhome, but it’s not really ideal and in this edition ...
  • How to winterise your motorhome

    Though BirchSorb is a powerful moisture absorber which you’ll benefit from all year round, it can be particularly effective through the coldest sea...
  • From Motorhomes to Boats, BirchSorb is Best!

    Our exclusive hyperdesiccant BirchSorb is powerful in performance and conveniently packaged, so it’s the perfect moisture absorber for use in motorhomes. In fact it’s top of the list of damp solutions for motorhomes.
  • Can salt sort out your motorhome damp?

    Is salt really the best way to get rid of moisture in your motorhome or caravan? Find out why using salt probably isn't your best bet, in our latest blog and why using BirchSorb could save you a lot of time and effort, as well as, protecting your beloved investment.
  • How to Get Rid of Damp in a Motorhome

    Worried about damp getting into your motorhome? You're not alone. That's why BirchSorb have worked to created a brand-new product which helps to combat moisture and damp damage to boats, caravans and motorhomes alike.
  • The Basics: BirchSorb v Silica Gel

    Why is Birchsorb better than silica gel for absorbing moisture in your motorhome or caravan. Well let us explain the benefits right here in our latest blog. You'll find out exactly why people are increasingly turning to hyperdesiccant solutions to fulfil their moisture absorption needs.
  • Can Cat Litter Really Cure Motorhome Damp? Myths Expelled!

    We often get asked, "why can 't you just use cat litter to prevent motorhome or caravan damp?'. Good questions and here are a few of the reasons why it's probably best top go for a more effective and proven solution than messy cat litter. Enjoy the blog!