About BirchSorb

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Is BirchSorb safe to use? Yes, explore our high safety standards below...

OK, real talk: We aren’t the first disposable hyperdesiccant dehumidifier on the market. But we are the first of its kind to develop technology that removes moisture from the air, capturing it without leakage or re-evaporation; "locking in moisture", ensuring no re-release of humidity, whatever the temperature - an exceptional alternative to problematic competitor dehumidifiers that re-release moisture or, worse, spill. We have perfected the technology into a simple, dry formula that is 10x more effective than silica gel alternatives. 

Because, when it comes to the safety of our products, we don’t take any shortcuts. We operate to the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental responsibility as reflected by our ISO accreditations—making sure every unit of BirchSorb is as safe as it is effective.

Our social and sustainability values shape everything we do. Our award-winning safety procedures and plans have been consistently recognised on an annual basis.


The science bit

Our research & development scientists discovered a fancy tiny molecule used in lime production, a process that could be used as a moisture absorber. With an obsessive determination, we have created BirchSorb, an ideal product suitable for dehumidifying mobile leisure homes or leisure boats and yachts.

BirchSorb Damp Absorber is making its debut. We’ve made it our mission to develop an odour-free and easy to use dehumidifier, that helps maintain the value of your investment. Whether your leisure vehicle is at home, in storage or on the move, BirchSorb will continue to reduce humidity. 


Product ingredients

We keep our distance from a long list of stuff we just won’t use. Period. We keep the ingredients of BirchSorb as simple as possible to minimise risks.


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BirchSorb is designed to eliminate moisture without letting it go. That’s why we test every ingredient and evaluate each formula for its efficacy (Our scientists simplify this by saying, “it works!”), allowing you to use BirchSorb all-year-round with confidence.

Safety first

BirchSorb is safe to handle and can be disposed of within your normal waste at home or whilst on a holiday pitch.

An ingredient that’s safe on its own might not mix well with others. Think: vinegar + baking soda = volcanos from childhood science experiments. We rigorously test each formulation to determine if it’s safe to use, to ensure our products are still within our product standards.


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