Can salt sort out your motorhome damp?

Salt v Birchsorb Damp Absorber

Elsewhere on this blog we’ve explained how BirchSorb is superior to the commonly known desiccant silica gel, and we’ve also examined the idea that cat litter is a useful way to tackle your motorhome or caravan’s moisture problems. In this edition we’re going to look at another household staple which is said to be one of the top moisture absorption solutions for motorhomes: Salt!


Can you use salt to get rid of damp?

There’s an element of science to this one which should be fairly obvious to all. Salt is hygroscopic, which means it takes on water from the atmosphere around it – but at up to 74% humidity and 20°C, it does not absorb any appreciable quantities. So the big question is whether it’s effective as a moisture absorber for use in your motorhome, caravan or other leisure vehicles?

The answer is “not really, no”. Salt is not a particularly sensible solution for anyone looking to sort out the moisture in their motorhome. Although it may absorb some moisture, in the end the negatives of using salt are going to seriously outweigh that single slight positive.

It’s inconvenient to ‘set up’ and salt can be far too messy, overall. You could position a couple of bowls of salt on the floor or work surfaces of your mobile home in an effort to deal with the moisture issue - but for a start that’s going to look untidy and compromise the aesthetic of your interior.

More importantly, what happens if you accidentally knock these bowls over or the motion of your motorhome causes them to spill? Putting salt carefully around the place and then it spilling anyway means additional problems – particularly because salt is deliquescent. That means it absorbs water but also eventually forms a solution of its own. In an environment like a luxury motorhome, this is a serious problem. Salt is corrosive - and when this sludge like stuff spills, at the very least it leaves dreadful ‘tide marks’ and stains on your fabric furnishings and carpet. Not the best of moisture absorption solutions for caravans or motorhomes!


Why BirchSorb is better?

A huge plus about BirchSorb is the science when compared to salt. It translates into a lack of mess, because BirchSorb sets the moisture it collects into solid form. This unique product’s blend of multiple active ingredients mean moisture is chemically ‘locked in’ during an exchange between the fast and slow acting components - and there’s no subsequent spill, leakage or re-release.

It's also conveniently packaged, easy to install, lasts a minimum of eight weeks and can take on at least twice its own weight. There’s no need for any cleaning up of bowls or containers of this or that, and any additional mess that they will probably have generated. Without much effort at all you can use BirchSorb as it really is how to get rid of damp in a caravan or motorhome. In fact, you can use it anywhere - home, garage, shed, shop, storage facility, library or work premises – and it’ll be effective.