From Motorhomes to Boats, BirchSorb is Best!

Yacht sailing

Our exclusive hyperdesiccant BirchSorb is powerful in performance and conveniently packaged, so it’s the perfect moisture absorber for use in motorhomes. In fact it’s top of the list of damp solutions for motorhomes. We blogged at length recently about its suitability for this particular scenario – but it’s worth briefly running over again here.

Damp is as issue that needs careful management and practical solutions, so that it doesn’t develop into a serious problem. It can cause damage which spoils the interior of your vehicle and, in the worst case scenario, compromises the structural integrity. This can be very costly to rectify, so you need to know how to prevent damp in caravans and motorhomes. As ever, prevention is better than cure – and BirchSorb is just right for the job. 

Can our moisture absorption marvel also be used in other leisure vehicles? The answer is a resounding “yes!” - and, perhaps surprisingly, that even includes boats.

Using BirchSorb on a water-going vessel may seem a little counter-intuitive! But bear with us as we explain that our exclusive moisture absorber is definitely your go-to solution for the ‘how to deal with damp in boats’ problem. First of all, though, we should talk a little about what sort of damage water can do to your boat.

Moisture – specifically damp - is a big issue for boats and yachts, and if it’s left unchecked it will cause mould and mildew. It can even cause rust to metal parts and important instruments, and serious rot to wooden parts. Unfortunately, damp is impossible to avoid for boat-owners. Humidity and moisture, the direct causes of damp, are absolute constants in marine life.


So how can you protect your boat?

It’s always a good idea to employ regular methods of protecting your boat. Like everything else you own, it requires a bit of TLC – which means investigating how to deal with damp in boats.

After use it can be a good idea to ‘dry it down’ if possible, wiping surfaces and seals etc. When it’s moored or in storage it’s smart to use a boat covering to reduce airflow (this equates to less opportunity for moisture to access it through the air). Interior ventilation is also a good idea - opening any storage cupboards and doors on your boat. This stops stale and humid air from staying in situ, so will cut down the chances of serious mould.

Another method is damp absorbers. The ultimate amongst them is BirchSorb. In fact, it’s not even amongst them. It’s way ahead of the pack. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out on the ocean or cruising along a river, you don’t have to be up the creek! With BirchSorb you can make a major step towards protecting your boat and mitigating against the effects of damp, even when moisture is at its peak during the winter months.


What exactly is BirchSorb? 

Developed from a highly effective moisture absorption molecule discovered by our scientists during lime production, BirchSorb is an exclusive formula specifically designed for high performance. It can ‘handle’ at least twice its own weight – and upwards of 200% is a staggering capability for an absorber. It also lasts for a minimum of eight weeks, so when your boat is in storage over the winter you could install BirchSorb and not have to think too much about swapping it out until the middle of the season. 

Once installed, a BirchSorb unit draws in moisture from the environment and starts to set it into solid form. The moisture is chemically ‘bound’ during an exchange between the fast and slow acting components, and the unique blend of multiple active ingredients ‘locks it in’. This means that there’s no subsequent spill, leak or re-release of humidity over the BirchSorb unit’s life.

Navigating your way through protecting your boat is simple when you have BirchSorb as your compass. It offers you the chance to do what you can to protect your vehicle – both during time enjoying it, and as a resale investment.